YouTuber Who Kissed His Sister Now Disgusts Internet By Kissing His Mom

Last month, Chris Monroe made a name for himself and his PrankInvasion YouTube channel when he posted a video of himself and his half-sister engaging in a passionate kiss. While most viewers were disgusted, seven million people still watched as Monroe and his sibling, Kaitlyn O'Connor, made out. Now, Chris is hoping for the same success in his latest video which sees him kissing another family member - his mom.

The clip features Chris first following the woman who gave birth to him around his house as he explains to his audience his plans to convince her to kiss him, noting, "It feels so weird to say that but it's going down."

His mom isn't into it, but after he begs her and she loses a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, she relents and they lock lips.

Thankfully, his make out session with his mom was nothing like the one he shared with his half-sister, but they still pull away from it looking awkward, embarrassed and shocked.

There is no proof that the woman in the video is actually Chris's mom, but he has confirmed to various publications that it was his real sister in the previous video.

Commenters are now wondering if Chris will next be kissing his father. See more of his videos here.

Photo: YouTube/PrankInvasion

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