Buckner: "I'll Be Ready" To Take Physical Tests

Syracuse, N.Y. - It's back to the academy for Syracuse Police Chief Buckner.

By Dec. 1, Buckner will need to pass all of the requirements for new officers in order to continue as the police Chief. Including the physical requirements.

"I'm in the process of getting myself ready for that," Buckner told Bob Lonsberry in March. "If they were ask me to do this today would I struggle to probably do that? Of course I would. But at the time the light switch is flipped and it is time for me to take the test for that I can assure you that I will be ready. I've been tested before and I've always done well."

LONSBERRY: Chief Buckner and His Cops - Thumbnail Image

LONSBERRY: Chief Buckner and His Cops

Buckner will also need to spend time training in other areas to become a certified New York State police officer. New officers need to spend nearly 400 hours in training. Buckner will be credited for many of those. He says that he will do any additional training alongside the recruit class which begins training later this month.

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