Cicero Man Arrested For Tattooing Underage Teens

Cicero , N.Y. - State Troopers arrested a 24 year old man for tattooing 4 children underage.

Dashaun Smith of Cicero, was charged with (4) counts of Unlawful Dealing with a child.

Smith, an employee at Phenomenal Ink Tattoo in the town of Cicero, is accused of giving tattoos to four children under the age of 18 years old without their parent’s consent.

Concerned citizens, made police aware that the shop was known amongst the teenage crowd as a place that would provide tatoos without parental consent. The youngest person Smith tattooed was 15.

Anyone who believes that their child has received a tattoo or piercing in violation of the law from Dashaun Smith at Phenomenal Ink are asked to contact

(photo provided)

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