DeWitt Chili's Murderer Suing Justice Center For Solitary Confinement

Syracuse, N.Y. - The man that admitted to killing a pair of former co-workers at the DeWitt Chili's is suing after being ordered to seven months of solitary confinement.

William Wood Jr. is suing because he has been in solitary confinement since September. He attacked Justice Center deputies and tried to escape two days after arriving at the jail. He's accused of luring deputies into his cell by tampering with a sprinkler system. He attacked them and ran out of his cell in an attempt to escape the facility.

William Wood Pleads Guilty - Thumbnail Image

William Wood Pleads Guilty

A disciplinary hearing was held, and he was ordered to spend 217 consecutive days in solitary confinement. His appeal was denied. Wood's lawyer says the action denied Wood his right to "Due Process of Law" under the 14th Amendment. The lawyer also says that his mental state and drug detoxification was not considered.  

DeWitt Chili's Gunman Planned To Kill Four - Thumbnail Image

DeWitt Chili's Gunman Planned To Kill Four

Wood faces a sentence of life in prison for the execution-style murders of Stephen Gudknect and Kristopher Hicks. His sentencing is scheduled for April 15.

Federal prosecutors are considering a death penalty murder case for Wood.

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