Oneida Sheriff's Investigating Suspicious Vehicle That Pulled A Woman Over

Oriskany, N.Y. - Oneida County Sheriff's are warning people about an impostor pulling cars over.

Deputies say a woman reported that she was pulled over by a vehicle that had red and blue emergency lights.

A white male wearing a gray police uniform along with a purple tie approached her vehicle and asked for her drivers license. He then asked her to get out of the car, while another male described as Hispanic, dressed the same got out of the car and approached her as well.

They then searched her vehicle gave her back her license and told her she could leave.

The vehicle was described as a Crown Victoria with a push bar and lights in the grill. Police advise if you are being pulled over and are unsure, you can call 911 and verify.

Here are a few other suggestions on what to do if you are not completely sure who is attempting to pull you over:

  • You should also wait until you get to a lighted or busy area such as a gas station or business area.
  • When you call 911 let them know you are being followed by an unmarked police car and that you plan on pulling over as soon as you can safely do so.
  • Give the dispatcher the make, model and color of the car following you along with a license plate if possible.
  • Don’t drive off at a high rate of speed and make the police think you are trying to get away.
  • Keep your doors locked until you are sure that it is the police and have your cell phone at hand just in case.
  • You can also ask to see police identification such as police ID which should include a name, photograph and police agency.
  • You can except the ID through the mostly closed window until you are satisfied that it is fact a legitimate police officer.

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