Conservatives at SUNY Oswego Threatened With Death

Oswego, N.Y. - Yesterday, New York State College Republican members partnered with the Young America’s Foundation at a student expo at SUNY Oswego.In reaction to their presence, individuals posted on social media calling for violence.SUNY Oswego College Republican Club President and YAF member pictured in the photo Tyler Toomey, said“Threats of violence against students should not be tolerated regardless of their political view. We are disgusted that our peers are threatening violence against members of our organization while our campus administration remains silent, it is unacceptable." The organization is calling on Governor Andrew Cuomo to denounce these vile threats towards conservatives students. "Universities, especially the SUNY system, should be leading the way in promoting civil discourse and healthy debate and cracking down heavily on anyone that threatens violence in order to silence anyone's freedom of speech" , they said. University Police at SUNY Oswego are investigating after several violent threats were sent to a Conservative on-campus group via Twitter.SUNY Oswego President Deborah Stanley issued a letter to campus community members.  Which says in part... "Yesterday, several violent threats were posted on social media against a properly recognized student organization and its members who were appropriately permitted to table in Marano Campus Center. University Police immediately opened an investigation and requested information from the social media host site. The site took down the posted threats and suspended the accounts. The on campus investigation continues. Violent threats will not be tolerated and are not protected by freedom of speech. We will pursue offenders as soon as we become aware of threats of violence or other criminal acts."

The investigation continues.



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