Dead Brothel Owner GOP Candidate Wins Election In Nevada

A story likened to something out of the Onion has broken in Nevada’s 26th assembly district where a GOP candidate has won against Democrat and educator Lesia Romonov in a heavily GOP leaning district. Nothing crazy there, except the fact that he’s been dead since October 16th.  Dennis Hof died in one of the brothels that he owned, called the Love Ranch, after four days of partying for his 72nd birthday with politicians and notable members of the sex industry. Similar to Trump in many ways and even comparing himself to Trump during his campaign, Hof used to be a reality TV star on a show called “Cathouse” and even wrote a book called “The Art of The Pimp” (a close title to Trump’s “The Art of the Deal.”)

Does it get less weird from there? Nope, it continues getting weirder. His body was discovered in his own brothel by adult film star Ron Jeremy. Jeremy is a notable figure in the sex industry, holding a Guinness world record for the most appearances in adult films out of any adult film star. The brothel Hof died at was the same brothel where Lamar Odom famously overdosed in 2015. The district is located on the former site of US Military nuclear testing, the fallout from which could be credited with creating some of the most bizarre radioactive characters to ever run for office. The Republicans made their point- they were going to win this seat, or die trying.



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