City Of Syracuse Holding A Meet The Chief Event Tomorrow

Syracuse, N.Y. - The City of Syracuse will conduct a “Meet the Chief Forum” tomorrow at 11 a.m. at the Atrium at City Hall Commons. 

This will be an opportunity for people to meet and hear from Chief Buckner. 

During the search process, Buckner presented an approach to improving community safety that is based on what he calls the “five layers of crime control”:

1. Intelligence led policing informed by data

2. Hotspot driven

3. Known offender focused

4. Effective law enforcement partnerships (local, state, federal, prosecutors, probation, and parole)

5. Community involvement (families, schools, clergy, business, non-profit).

Diversity on the police force in Little Rock has improved under Buckner’s leadership.

The breakdown of the department’s current recruit class, which began at 27 candidates, was 15 percent Hispanic, 41 percent African American, and 44 percent white. Under Buckner’s tenure, 40 percent of hires, promotions, and transfers have been people of color.

Tomorrow residents will have a chance to meet the new Chief, and share their concerns and suggestions. 

(Photo provided) 

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