Doritos Donates Chips To Deputies Who Lured Runaway Pig Home With Snack

A deputy from the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Office who had to give up her lunchtime snack of Doritos in order to lure a 600-lbs pig back home after it had gotten loose from its pen, probably won't have to worry about a shortage of chips anytime soon. 

Deputies Ponce and Berg were dispatched from the Highland station after they received a call of a runaway pig "the size of a mini horse" roaming the streets. In a post to the San Bernardino Sheriff's Facebook page, officials say the two deputies went to the scene and quickly located the massive porcine. Ponce used the Doritos to make a trail back to the pig's home, which he happily followed (all while chowing down on the crunchy corn chips). 

Doritos took notice of the sheriff deputy's sacrifice and decided to repay her sacrifice. 

"Dear San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department:

First off, what just happened? An escaped giant-sized pig on the loose, lured back home with Doritos? Truly an amazing story, and we must say you handled it on the boldest, most clever ways possible.

For that, we salute you. We understand that you had to give up everyone's favorite lunchtime snack to lure "Smalls" back home. In celebration, we are going to restock your Doritos snacks for many lunches to come."

Photo: San Bernardino County Sheriff's Office

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