Wedding Photographer Shoves Bride's Step-Mom To Get A Picture

When two people get married, a wedding photographer needs to take lots of pictures to document the ceremony and the reception, but there are some moments that they can't miss like the first dance, the throwing of the bouquet, and of course, the first kiss as husband and wife. It's something photographer Ashley Easterling knows well, and it's a lesson one bride's step-mom. learned the hard way. 

Right after the officiant said "you may now kiss the bride," Ashley was by the newlyweds, snapping shots, but the bride's step-mom got right in front of her to take her own photos with her cell phone. Ashley briskly shoved her aside. 

It might look like a violent push, but Trenton Ray Hensley, who filmed the incident, revealed, "No one else blocked [Ashley's] shots for the rest of the evening - they all just rallied around the photographer in fascination that she handled the situation so well to do her job."

Trenton hopes people understand the need to steer clear of photographers at weddings so they can do they job they were paid for.

Photo: Getty Images

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