Who's praying and why? Squirrel prompts me to ask!

I was on the couch watching the Sunday morning news shows when I realized I wasn't alone. A little squirrel was... uh... praying. His eyes were shut, his hands were together... and for my Jewish friends... he was facing Israel. The little guy has got me curious. Who's praying? And why?

What a week. The DeWitt Chili's double-homicide last weekend led to five arrests and heartbreak for so many who knew the victims. There was endless mentions of "thoughts and prayers" as the senseless tragedy dominated the news.

A prayer vigil ended the week after a mass shooting on Midland Ave in Syracuse. My friend and colleague Bob Lonsberry was broadcasting live Friday afternoon on Midland Ave. The podcast of that incredible show is available on demand and I encourage you to listen to the entire show.

Fox News is now reporting, "Voter support for Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court is down in the wake of Christine Ford’s assault allegations, as more believe her than him." Again, we hear both sides "praying" for their beliefs and their hopes. This story will likely dominate the news this week.

And SU Football with a 4-0 record for the first time since 1991 after beating UConn 51-21 Saturday in the Dome. What SU fan isn't praying for a win against Clemson?

Is God too busy for us to pray for an SU win against Clemson? Were Cleveland fans praying for the Browns before their win the Thursday night? Ohio State fans don't need to pray, because God is clearly a Buckeye fan, right?


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