Anthony Saccone Wants Out Of Plea Deal

Syracuse, N.Y. - Anthony Saccone wants to withdraw his guilty plea.

Saccone admitted in July that he was drunk when he killed three young adults earlier this year.  Saccone's lawyer says that he was coerced into pleading guilty because he was "wrongfully" and "unlawfully" arrested on false accusations. 

Saccone was arrested for drinking and doing burnouts near Electronics Parkway during Syracuse Nationals. Recently, the DA's office said that they did not have sufficient evidence to bring charges against Saccone. 

The judge dismissed the bail request for now and Saccone will remain in jail at least until a hearing next month.

Saccone is expected to spend between 10 to 30 years in prison for the crash that killed Baylie Rose, Michael Walker and Samra Osmanovic.

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