How many meatballs can you eat in 60 seconds?

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I was honored to help kick off one of Syracuse's favorite events on Friday with a Charity Meatball Eating Contest.  Festa Italiana will donate $500 to a local charity of the winner’s choice. 

No, I did not win. I was convinced I could eat more meatballs in a minute than I did though. My son was convinced I could eat 10 in one minute. I ate six (6). That's right. A half-dozen golf ball sized meatballs. 

Honestly, it was harder to do than I thought it was going to be. I was sandwiched between Town of Salina Supervisor Mark Nicotra and CNY Central Anchor/Managing Editor Matt Mulcahy.

Meatball eating at Festa Italiana! Mulcahy not the ideal lineage to win...

Posted by Matt Mulcahy on Friday, September 14, 2018

A lot went through my head in those 60 seconds. Hearing everyone laugh and groan as we struggled to pack our mouths full brought back memories of an old TV commercial. Do you remember this classic?

It was fun and for a great cause. I designated United Way of CNY to receive the $500. I thought it would be appropriate, since the cookoff kickoff was today and NewsRadio 570 WSYR and iHeartMedia have been longtime media partners of their campaign. Despite not winning the meatball eating contest, I was delighted to hear that a donation would be made to all of the designated charities, including United Way of CNY. My thanks to those who invited me to participate and everyone involved in the event.


Morning Show Host Dave Allen in the 2nd annual Festa Italiana Charity Meatball Eating Contest. Festa Italiana will donate $500 to a local charity of the winner’s choice.

Posted by NewsRadio 570 WSYR on Friday, September 14, 2018
Dave Allen


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