Cicero Probation Officer Admits Sex With Probationer

Syracuse, N.Y. - A Cicero probation officer is admitting to having sex with a man on probation.

Bridgett Duerr is accused of having sex several times with one of the men she supervised on probation last year.  

The plea deal will allow Duerr to avoid jail, and even probation if she stays out of trouble for a year in exchange to pleading guilty to a misdemeanor. 

The deal is contingent on the her resignation as a probation officer. That can only happen if lawyers for the County and the probations officers' union can work out a severance agreement for Duerr.

If Duerr doesn't leave her job, her case will go to court where she could face jail time. 

Bridgett Duerr, 44; Cicero, N.Y.  Provided Photo.

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