Katko Takes Big Lead Over Balter In New Poll

New polling for Sienna College shows that Republican Congressman John Katko has a significant lead over his Democratic challenger. 

"Incumbent Katko – the first to win consecutive terms in this district in a decade – has a strong 15-point lead in a district closely divided between Democrats and Republicans," says Sienna College pollster Steven Greenberg. 

Katko is running against Democratic SU Professor Dana Balter. Across the district, Katko leads Balter 54 to 39, with far higher favorability ratings than his opponent. “Katko has the support of 86 percent of Republicans, picks up support from one-fifth of Democrats and leads with independents by 11 points," Greenberg added. "Balter runs even with women but men favor Katko two-to-one.”

Katko is vying for a third term in Congress this November. 


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