NYS GOP Buys Cuomo A Ticket To Canada

New York - New York Republicans have purchased offering Governor Cuomo a one-way ticket to Canada. 

In a statement, the G-O-P says taxpayers quote "chipped in" to buy the 55 dollar trip from Albany to Montreal.  

Photo Cred: New York Republican State Committee

Governor Cuomo states "America Was Never That Great"
Governor Cuomo states "America Was Never That Great"
Gov. Andrew Cuomo blasted Donald Trump today during a bill-signing ceremony. Using the president’s signature slogan against him saying America was never great to begin with.

Earlier this week, Cuomo was criticizing President Trump for his opinions and track record on women's rights and immigrants when he said America was never that great.  He went on to say America will be great when everyone is fully engaged and that the country won't revert to things like discrimination and segregation.  

The governor is currently looking to secure his third term in office. He faces a Democratic Primary challenge from former Sex and the City actress Cynthia Nixon next month. He is also being considered a contender for the Democratic Party contender for President in 2020.


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