Syracuse Bars Will Need To Pay Family Of Man Killed In 2015 Crash

Syracuse, N.Y. - Some Syracuse bars are going to have to pay thousands following a deadly 2015 crash. 

Amy Dell hit and killed 58-year-old Bruce Ham after driving the wrong way on Interstate 81 south of Syracuse. Ham was on his way home to New Jersey to share with his family the news of a new job.

Ham's family filed a lawsuit against the former Revolutions Bowling Alley and Bar at Destiny USA where Dell worked. The family also brought legal action against Corner Bar and Empire Brewing Company in Armory Square where Dell had been drinking. The suit had claimed that the bars kept serving her alcohol even though she was obviously drunk.   

A State Supreme Court judge ruled in favor of the $95,000 settlement. 

Dell, who is serving up to 25 years in prison, will need to pay $50,000 of the settlement. The remaining $45,000 will be shared by the three bars. 

Pictured Above: Amy Dell


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