Anthony Saccone Will Stay In Jail Until His Trial: Judge Revokes Bail

Syracuse, N.Y. - The man who is accused of killing three people while being drunk and was arrested again this past Sunday, will now remain in jail until his trial. 

Judge Matthew Doran revoked the $500,000 bail for Saccone regarding the February 23rd crash. 

Saccone had been free on bail after being accused of drunkenly barreling through an intersection killing a trio of current and former OCC Students.

Onondaga County Sheriff Deputies say he is back in the Justice Center because he got caught doing a burnout early Sunday morning near Seventh North Street and Electronics Parkway. Police say they also suspected that he had been drinking. He also refused to have his blood alcohol level tested. 

Saccone had been ordered to stop drinking as part of his bail after pictures of him drinking and cavorting on the beach caught the ire of social media.

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