Lawsuit: Attillio's Over-served Ret. Fire Chief Before Deadly Crash

Syracuse, N.Y. - A restaurant on the northside is now facing a lawsuit accusing them of over-serving a former Syracuse Fire Chief before he killed himself in a car crash.

Retired Chief Robert Nelson died in a February 2017 crash when he crossed into oncoming traffic on Buckley Road and careened into a car.  

The lawsuit against Attilio's Restaurant was filed by Sueria Ashkar. She was hospitalized after the crash and was in critical condition. She was treated for multiple fractures and internal injuries. Ashkar says she has been left with permanent injuries because of the crash. 

In the suit, she blames Attillio's of continuing to serve the chief after they knew he was inebriated. Knowingly serving an intoxicated person is illegal.

Nelson had a blood alcohol level of 0.23, nearly three times the legal limit, when he arrived at the hospital where he later died.

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