Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh Not Happy With Response To Bridge Collapse

Syracuse, N.Y. - Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh called out the Federal Railroad Administration and the NY Susquehanna & Western Railroad for not doing enough to inspect and report the structural integrity and conditions of the Railroad Viaduct  that run across several city streets. 

This after the collapse of  2 - 43 foot sections of sidewall 2 weeks ago. 

The mayor wrote a letter to the FRA outlining what he wants to see done. Walsh also said he wants the NYS&W, to take action and have a complete inspections of the entire Aqueduct before trains can use the bridge again.

Some of the actions the mayor is asking for are,  providing full inspection reports completed by outside engineers after the collapse, detailing the repair and maintenance plans for the bridge and providing certification from an engineer that resuming train traffic won't create a hazard to the public. 

Walsh also called on the FRA to conduct an audit of NYS&W's inspection process and to inspect the rest of the railroad viaduct in Syracuse.

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