Romulas Man Who Killed 2 In Waterloo Has Long Criminal Record

State Police and Seneca County DA say the man who fatally shot a man and woman to death Tuesday night has a lengthy criminal record. 

48 year old Emerson Tohafjian shot three people on Virgina Street in Waterloo Tuesday night, killing a man and woman and injuring another woman. Police tracked him down at to Cheerful Valley Campground in Phelps, N.Y.

Today at a press conference State Police said that when Tohafjian surrendered to police, he was suffering from lacerations to his neck and wrists and was hospitalized.   

Seneca County District Attorney Barry Porsch said that Tohafjian was arrested on June 3, on four misdemeanor charges and had his bail set at $500 cash or $1,000 bond. He posted bail and was released. On July 19, he was arrested again, and charged with first-degree rape and several other crimes. DA Porsch said a judge set bail at $10,000 cash or $20,000 bond and issued a stay away order of protection for the victim. He was booked in the Seneca County Jail. Two days later, family members posted bail for him and he was released. 

When Tohafjian is released form the hospital he will be charged with the two murders. Other additional charges may be filed by a grand jury. 

None of the victims have been identified at this point and police are not saying if any of the victims had a relationship with the suspect.

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