Syracuse Man Who Is The Latest 3 Millionaire Identified

48 year old Christopher Kimbrough of Syracuse is Onondaga County’s new Lottery millionaire. Kimbrough said he purchased his $3,000,000 Mayhem ticket because he liked the colors of the ticket and the way it looked.

“The colors on the ticket caught my eye,” explained Kimbrough. “I bought two tickets that day and I won twenty dollars on the first one.”

It was the second ticket that changed Kimbrough’s life forever. “I thought for sure I wasn’t going to win on the second ticket,” he continued. “I was shocked when I saw that I won the jackpot. I scanned the ticket and that’s when I knew it was real.”

Kimbrough chose to receive his prize as a one-time lump sum payment. He will receive a net check totaling $1,598,884 after required withholdings.

When asked how it feels to win the Lottery Kimbrough explained, “I’m still numb. It hasn’t hit me yet. It’s real, but not.” Kimbrough says he still hasn’t decided how he will spend his winnings.

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