Norwich Man Accused Of Rape And Murder Of 11 Year Old Takes A Plea

A Chenango County man accused in the rape and murder of an 11-year-old girl in Norwich has accepted a plea deal.

Sources say Tobias Rundstrom-Wooding accepted a plea deal from the Chenango County D.A.'s office. Rundstrom-Wooding pleaded guilty to first-degree rape and second-degree murder. He will serve 20 years to life in prison. 

Prosecutors said Rundstrom-Wooding, along with James Brower raped and killed 11-year-old Jacelyn O'Connor on July 30, 2017. 

Tobias Rundstrom-Wooding was indicted on an eight-count indictment that included a first-degree murder charge and two different statutes of second-degree murder as well as a rape charge. Sentencing for Rundstrom-Wooding is scheduled for Aug. 13. 

James Brower was indicted on four counts that included second-degree murder. A trial date for Brower has not yet been set.

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