Villages Switch to County Provided Tax Collection Software, To Save Money

County Executive Joanie Mahoney has announced that seven villages have signed up to use Onondaga County’s Tax Collection Software system. 

The software is being offered as a shared service to all towns, villages, and school districts in Onondaga County. 

The seven villages who transitioned are North Syracuse, Solvay, Skaneateles, Jordan, Liverpool, Marcellus, and Fayetteville. 

Any town, village, or school district that switches to the County-provided system will save their village residents half of what they currently pay today.

Mahoney said “This is an easy way for us to come together and be more efficient while also saving real money for the taxpayers in our community. Onondaga County has a successful Shared Services Plan and we appreciate our partners in the Villages helping us to execute the plan.”

If all eligible municipalities and school districts take advantage of this shared service, the total annual savings will amount to $300,000.

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