Since I blogged about the origins of the "Singapore Sling" the other day, it seems I have alcohol on the brain... not to mention other internal organs. Still, with items like these showing up on a regular basis, it's hard to avoid the topic. So, let's go to the news wires:

Item #1: A dubious distinction for Syracuse University

The website, which rates colleges and universities by various categories, named SU as the 27th best "Party School" in the nation. The distinction "party school" is largely based on the school's overall social environment, the sexual atmosphere on campus -- College students engaging in premarital relations? Merciful Heavens, what are we coming to? -- and the drinking quotient. SU evidently has plenty of boozing. The #1 Party School in the USA? Tulane University in New Orleans. If you know anything about Tulane or the city of New Orleans, this should not surprise you one bit.

Item #2: Millennials like to drink, but they're lazy about it... and they're cheap!

As reported in various news outlets, 30% of young American adults (24 to 31) prefer drinking at home over going out, because -- according to a Twitter survey question -- going out takes "too much effort!" In addition, they don't like to spend money to get sloshed; the same survey showed they would much rather buy a six-pack (or a case) and pickle their brains in front of the flat-screen, rather than spend equivalent cash for a couple of drinks at a club. Hey, a penny saved...

Item #3: Too much is bad, too little isn't good, either, but in moderation... just right!

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Researchers from the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health examined Europe's workplace absenteeism related to sick days and alcohol. The result: Non-drinkers are just as likely to call in sick as heavy drinkers. The heavy boozers were more prone to call in sick due to injuries (car crashes and other oopsies) and poisoning, i.e., bad hangovers. Non-drinkers had higher rates of all sorts of illnesses-- digestive, respiratory, mental, etc. The moderate drinkers showed up most regularly with the fewest sick days. So... a bourbon a day keeps the doctor away?


The cast of Glee has done some unusual and unexpected stuff, and this one seems to fit:

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