Mayor Walsh Attends His First United States Conference Of Mayors

The United State Conference of Mayors wraps up today in Boston. It began Friday.  

Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh was there, attending for the first time. Walsh said the experience was a very good one. He had a chance to discuss a variety of issues that all cities need to deal with. 

The three areas of focus for the Conference were, Infrastructure, Innovation and Inclusion. It is attended by mayors form all over the country form cities who have a population size of 30,000 or more. This year there were about 250 mayors in attendance. 

Walsh said he learned about different housing strategies, along with using data to form decision using smart city technology.  

Walsh said the conference was a positive one and that the mayors all were focused on one things how to improve their cities and to work together as one unit when in January they go to Washington DC to shares their concerns and issues. 

Walsh said while he got a lot of great ideas and collected a good amount of business cards, he's looking forward to getting back to his wife and daughters and city hall. 

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