Minoa Man who Won 3 Million Receives His Check Today!

Forty-nine-year-old George Shiomos of Minoa has claimed the top prize of $3,000,000 on the 50X The Money scratch-off game.

Shiomos, a banker, who likes to play scratch-off games said he chose this game because “it looked new and I like playing the new ones.”

After scratching the ticket back at his office, Shiomos went back to the store to double check his ticket.

“I was shocked. I called my wife to tell her but she didn’t believe me,” Shiomos explained.

Shiomos has chosen to receive his $3,000,000 prize in annual payments, netting him $100,770 a year for the next 20 years after required withholdings.

Shiomos said he will use the money to pay bills and help pay for his children’s college educations.

When asked how it feels to win the Lottery Shiomos said, “Great! I’m still in shock, but it’s great.”

Shiomos is the 54th New York Lottery player to claim a prize totaling $1,000,000 or more in 2018.

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