Onondaga County Sheriff's Encourages Vehicle Owners To Lock Their Doors

Onondaga County Sheriff’s are encouraging people to make sure they lock their car doors as there has been an increase of reports of vehicle break-ins throughout the Lyncourt and Pompey area. 

All too many drivers leave valuable items in plain sight, greatly increasing the chances of a break-in. The majority of the vehicles entered are unlocked, however that does not deter the thieves from smashing the window. Both here in Onondaga County and across the country, thieves are targeting purses, GPS systems and other high value electronic devices left inside vehicles.

Recently, two youths were observed on surveillance camera in a Lyncourt neighborhood stealing a set of keys from inside a Jeep Wrangler after unzipping the window to gain access. The youths then attempted to gain entry to the residence with those keys, but were unsuccessful. In this incident, and just like many others similar to it, occur typically in the late night/early morning hours when most people are sleeping.

Onondaga County Sheriff SUV

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