CDC Makes Progress In Treatment As Rabies Runs Rampant In Oswego County

Atlanta, GA - The CDC says it's developed a new rapid rabies test, while a trio of people attacked by a rabid fox in Oswego County are undergoing treatment.

Rabid Foxes On The Run in Oswego Country
Rabid Foxes On The Run in Oswego Country
The Oswego County Health Department reported today that a gray fox has tested positive for rabies in the town of Sandy Creek. This is the second rabid animal...

Federal health officials say it could mean that people potentially exposed to rabid animals could skip the weeks-long regimen of shots to prevent the deadly disease.  

The LN34 test was designed for use in animals and is easier and more precise than current rabies tests.

The CDC says a pilot study showed it produced no false negatives and fewer false positives, making it easier for doctors to decide who needs to be treated for rabies, which is almost always fatal once symptoms begin.

Three people were attacked by a rabid fox in the Oswego County town of Sandy Creek.  It's the second attack by a rabid animal in Oswego County this year.


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