(VIDEO) Syracuse University Frat Video: Racist, Offensive, Sexist

Syracuse University continues to be at the center of national discussion after the SU chapter of Theta Tau exhibited offensive behavior that had been described as racists, anti semitic, homphobic, sexist and hostile to the disabled. 

Students of SU have been outspoken about their outrage toward the University's Faculty, Student body, and overall Culture. 

After Syracuse University announced the raising of it's tuition set to go into place in the fall. Student's took an opportunity to express their feelings of being abused in the midst of rising costs from the school. 

Two days ago University Chancellor Kent Syverud said this conduct is "deeply harmful and contrary to the values and community standards they expect of their students.There is absolutely no place at Syracuse University for behavior or language that degrades any individual or group’s race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender identity, disability or religious beliefs,”

Many at Syracuse University believe that action to suspend and punish Theta Tau only came about because of the PR nightmare that Syracuse University faces currently.

SU Shuts Down Fraternity Over Offensive Videos - Thumbnail Image

SU Shuts Down Fraternity Over Offensive Videos

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