Deputy Suing AAA Over Wild Tow Truck Chase

Syracuse, N.Y. - An Onondaga County Sheriff's Deputy is now suing AAA for their role in a wild tow truck chase that left four people hurt in November.

The lawsuit states that AAA is responsible because their tow truck driver left the truck running and the cab unattended, as per their procedure, making it an easy target for Christoper Ricks.

The lawsuit also outlines a vicious attack by Ricks on Deputy Joseph Ingram. Ingram's lawyer is bringing the lawsuit on his behalf.  Ricks is accused of slamming into Deputy Ingram's car in the Rescue Mission Parking lot before later returning and beating Ingram until other deputies were eventually able to arrest him. 

The lawsuit also indicates that is was Deputy Ingram who was was the one who shot at Ricks in an effort to end the chase.

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