VIDEO: Zay Jones Wages Crusade Against Window, Gets Arrested

Los Angeles - The Buffalo Bills have been in the news as of late. It's mostly been positive news about Free Agency moves and Draft Speculation. 

But today, it's because their 22-year-old Wide Receiver, Zay Jones, declared he was "going to fight for Jesus" before going on his own penthouse crusade by kicking a hole through a window, buck naked.

TMZ reports that, Jones along with his brother were staying at a hotel in LA Monday night when he began grappling with his brother, Cayleb who plays for the Vikings, trying to prevent him from jumping out a 30th floor window. Jones kicked through the window and tried to contort his body to fit through the small opening. The whole ordeal made for a bloody mess that looked like a gruesome murder scene.

Jones' brother was able to hold him down until police arrived. Police arrested Jones and have charged him with felony vandalism.

A spokesperson for the Bills confirms that they are aware of the situation. 

WARNING: There is a naked man in this video waging a crusade against an window. It contains nudity, and gore.

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