Police Seek Answers After Body Discovered On Creewkwalk

Pictured: Onondaga Creekwalk North of Hiawatha Boulevard; West of Destiny USA.

Syracuse, N.Y. - Syracuse Police say that a body was discovered Monday afternoon along the Onondaga Creekwalk.

Officers say that a person walking along the creekwalk spotted the body around 3:39 p.m.

Police say they are many unanswered questions. "It could be one of a million things. The person could have suffered a medical condition in the area, it could be something criminal, it could be that someone fell down or was injured," said Syracuse Police Sergeant Rick Helterline. "We're treating it as an unattended death and we're hoping the Medical Examiner's Officer will be able to guide us in this investigation."

Police do not know how the person died and that an autopsy is being done to determine a cause of death and identity for the deceased. 

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