Man Admits To Horrific Case Of Child Torture

Bubis, Whaley, Shaver

Albion, N.Y. - An Oswego County man is admitting to his role in a horrific case of child abuse in Oswego County.  

24-year-old Shawn Whaley admitted that he struck a 10-year-old girl with a screwdriver, used a rope to drag her behind a car and even forced fed her hot sauce while her mouth was covered with duct tape.

Whaley, who had been expected to start trial, opted for a last minute plea deal. He plead guilty to 13 charges, including three felonies, in exchange for a prison sentence no shorter than 2 years in prison and no more than seven years followed by three years probation. 

Whaley, along with three others are accused in the case of child torture.  Brandy Shaver and Leslieann Raeder have already taken plea deals while prosecutors continue to prepare to take their case against Gary Bubis to trial.

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