Cuomo Breaks Silence After 'Brother' Found Guilty In Corruption Trial

New York City - Governor Cuomo is breaking his silence on his former trusted aide, Joseph Percoco, who was convicted on corruption charges.  

"There was absolutely no suggestion ever made that I had anything to do with anything," Cuomo told reporters at a school walkout in New York City yesterday. Cuomo added that he had no idea Percoco was using his former office in Albany to take in bribes. 

The trial is renewing calls to reform State Government, which has a long and storied history of corruption. Conservative watchdog group Reclaim New York says dealings in state government need to be more transparent.  The group is calling for a ban from developers that have work with the State and want to see a loophole closed that allows big donations. They also wish to see the creation of a database of state deals.

Percoco was a long-time aide to Gov. Cuomo and was considered to be like a brother to the Governor. At his father's funeral Cuomo called Percoco Mario Cuomo's favorite son!  

Perccoco was found guilty of three felonies this week; two for fraud and one for soliciting bribes.

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