Day Three Of GOP Chair Endorsements For Molinaro

Poughkeepsie, N.Y. - More members of the Republican Rank and File are lining up behind the Duchess County Executive's unannounced run for Governor. 

This is the third day that endorsements for Marc Molinaro have been pouring in. He now has the support of one third of the GOP Chairs in New York's 62 Counties. 

"Marc Molinaro is a dynamic, energized representative for Dutchess County. Marc breaks the perception that the Republican Party cannot connect with mainstream voters. As a father of 3, he understands the difficulties his children and our next New York generation face in the highest taxed State in the Country. I am confident that Marc will be the Governor to change our bloated State government, reduce our tax burden, lower the cost of living and change the pattern of our businesses, senior citizens and youth leaving New York to other states with less government interference in our lives." - Ulster County Republican Committee Chairman Roger Rascoe

"I'm proud to endorse Marc Molinaro.  As New York faces the highest taxes in the nation and huge debt, Marc is someone who has cut taxes and closed a $40 million gap turning it into a $20 million surplus.  New York can't afford not to have Marc as it's next Governor." - Seneca County Republican Committee Chairman Tom Fox

"I'm excited to endorse Marc Molinaro because he gives us hope that the days of high taxes and embarrassing corruption are coming to an end. Marc has a proven record as a Mayor, State Legislator, and County Executive to bring to Albany a true sense of leadership that we haven't seen in years." - Washington County Republican Committee Chairman Dan Boucher

"Marc Molinaro has given us a new hope for our future.  A candidate with a record of cutting taxes and making government work for the people.  That's who we need in Albany and I'm excited to support Marc's candidacy for Governor." - Schuyler County Republican Committee Chairman Lester Cady

"New York needs a leader like Marc Molinaro. He has a record of success making government work for the people and we can always trust Marc to do what is right. I am confident he will end the embarrassing age of Albany corruption and will end the days of high taxes. I am proud to endorse Marc Molinaro and he will make us all proud to call him Governor." - Yates County Republican Committee Chairwoman Sandy King

"I'm pleased to endorse Marc Molinaro for Governor. He's a charismatic and exciting candidate with a track record of cutting taxes and making government more efficient.  Marc is a breath of fresh air and we can't wait to help him win in November." - Allegany County Republican Committee Chairman Mike Healy

"New York needs Marc Molinaro.  He is the right candidate to lead New York out of the days of high taxes and embarrassing Albany corruption.  His proven record as true public servant is exactly what we need. I am proud to endorse Marc." - Putnam County Republican Committee Chairman Anthony G. Scannapieco Jr.

"Marcus Molinaro is a young, charismatic and experienced public servant. As Dutchess County Executive, Marcus has received national attention for his work to develop and institute policies that help people no matter what their background or status. He has the energy, passion, youth and experience to stop the spend, borrow, corrupt Cuomo Albany machine. Marcus has the vision and integrity to beat Cuomo and lead New York into a better and brighter future." - Sullivan County Republican Committee Chairman  Richard Coombe

"This is an exciting time, and an opportunity, for all New Yorkers as Marc Molinaro enters the race for Governor. The North Country, and all of New York, needs a new direction. We can no longer put off addressing Albany's ethical culture and failed economic policies. Marc Molinaro has consistently demonstrated that he is a true public servant and visionary chief executive.It is time to put New Yorkers first. I am confident that Marc Molinaro can lead us out of this dark time, and he's giving us a reason to believe in a bright future!" - Franklin County Republican Committee Chairman Ray Scollin

"Marc Molinaro clearly has the experience and dedication to public service needed to turn this state around. His local government background and approach to finding common sense solutions to problems by working with everyone is exactly what people in the North Country expect from their leaders. He is going to make a great Governor and I am proud to personally endorse him." - Clinton County Republican Committee Chairman Clark Currier

Rumblings that Molinaro, who has said he was not running for Governor, was considering running for the Republican gubernatorial nomination began to build last week, Support for Molinaro exploded after a straw poll was held by party leaders in Saratoga that indicated strong support for Molinaro. However, there has been no official word that Molinaro is running for Governor.

DeFrancisco: 'I Will Not Primary' For GOP Governor Nomination - Thumbnail Image

DeFrancisco: 'I Will Not Primary' For GOP Governor Nomination

The wave of endorsements sets up what could be a coup by the party against Syracuse State Senator John DeFrancisco. He had been the front runner for the nomination. The Deputy Senate Majority Leader still holds a total of 17 endorsements from the Republican rank-and-file. The party split sets up the making of a primary. 

For his part, DeFrancisco says that he is not intimidated by the recent actions of some members of the State Republican part and will stay in the race until May. That is when Party Leaders will officially name their designated candidate for Governor. DeFrancisco says he will honor that decision. 

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