Deputies Name The Man That Led Police On Tow Truck Chase

Syracuse, N.Y. - Onondaga Deputies have named the man that led them on a chase in a stolen AAA Tow Truck.

Christopher Ricks, 26, underwent surgery for gunshots to his legs.  Police shot him the chase, which saw several others hurt and several vehicles struck. 

Deputies say four other people were injured during the pursuit; three law enforcement officers, one from the Syracuse Police Department and two from the sheriff's office, and at least one civilian. 17 vehicles were damaged; including nine civilian vehicles, two Syracuse Fire trucks, three Sheriff's vehicles, and three Syracuse police vehicles.

The Tow Truck was stolen at 12:58 pm. Monday after AAA received a call to help a person with their flat tire at the intersection of North Townsend Street and East Laurel Street. About 10-minutes later the trucks GPS indicated the tow truck was at the Shop City Plaza. At 1:11 pm deputies tried to pull over the stolen truck at the intersection of Teall Ave and Court Street.

In a press conference Onondaga Sheriff Gene Conway said that Ricks admitted to stealing the tow truck to investigators. 

Directions of pursuit as outlined by Sergeant Jon Seeber With The Onondaga Sheriff's Department.

Deputies spot the AAA flatbed truck on Teall Ave near Court Street. The suspect fails to comply and continues westbound on Court Street to Grant Blvd. His route continues as follow

Grant to Hiawatha Blvd

West onto Tex Simone Drive. Drives around stadium parking lot and then back out to Hiawatha

Crosses over Hiawatha and continues eastbound of First North Street.

Westbound on Bear Street to N. Salina

South on North Salina to West Fayette Street

Westbound on West Fayette Street to South Clinton Street

Southbound on South Clinton Street to Dickerson Street.

Westbound on Dickerson Street to the parking lot of the Rescue Mission.

Westbound onto Gifford Street to S. West Street

Southbound on S. West Street to West Onondaga Street.

West Onondaga Street to South Ave

South Ave to Tallman Street

Westbound on Tallman Street to Hudson Street.

Southbound on Hudson Street to Bellevue Ave.

Bellevue Ave back to South Ave.

Northbound on South Ave to Tallman Street.

Eastbound on Tallman Street to Northbound Lincoln Ave.

Lincoln Ave to Midland Ave back to West Onondaga Street.

Northbound on West Onondaga Street to northbound S. West Street

S. West Street to eastbound Seymour Street to Granger Street.

Granger Street into the parking lot of the Rescue Mission

Ends on Dickerson Street at the Rescue Mission.

Deputies say that Ricks has not yet been charged or arraigned for the incident. 

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