Police Chase Stolen AAA Tow Truck

Syracuse, N.Y. - A AAA Tow Truck was stolen today and led police on a chase through Syracuse before he was shot by officers.

Officers say that a flatbed from AAA was responding to a flat tire call on North Townsend Street when the suspect jumped into the truck and sped off. Syracuse Police chased the truck out of the City near Shop City and Onondaga Deputies were able to chase the Tow Truck back into Syracuse. Officers eventually shot the suspect and the chase ended came to an end after the driver slammed into a fire tuck near the rescue mission. The driver was taken to the hospital for treatment. No word on the suspect’s condition.

There are reports that officers were hurt in the chase.

AAA issued the following statement: 

This afternoon, a AAA truck was stolen and the perpetrator led police on a chase through the streets of Syracuse, N.Y. The incident began when a AAA driver was responding to a flat tire call on North Townsend Street. He was changing the tire on the side of the road when the AAA vehicle was stolen. AAA is aware of the fact that the perpetrator left a path of destruction and our thoughts are with those who were along the route of the stolen vehicle. We are working with Central New York police agencies at this time.

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