Onondaga Community College: Headquarters For A Stolen Credit Card Ring?

Accusations today that the campus of Onondaga Community college is headquarters for a stolen credit card operation. 

The owner of Froggers Diner next to campus says she's been fleeced to the tune of thousands of dollars by OCC students using stolen credit cards to buy food. Lisa Besner even claims that stolen cards are being manufactured right inside dorms across campus. Besner says it's been a nightmare for her and the victims who sometimes have very little recourse. She estimates that they make at least 40 deliveries a day to the dorms at OCC.

In any case, Besner says she's always the one who loses money. Besner says she's gotten little help from college officials themselves when she reports her complaints and she claims they turn a blind eye to the problem. Besner says several students on the campus were arrested last year for using stolen credit cards. OCC officials have been unavailable for comment.

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