EXCLUSIVE: Solvay Man Accused Of Being "Suspicious" At School Clears His Name

The Solvay Police Department and the school district there have whipped folks in town into a frenzy over reports of a strange man taking video of grade school kids outside playing. 

Apparently, these reports couldn't be further from the truth. Richie Sposato says he was out for a drive and saw all the kids out playing on a nice day and he just wanted to take a video to post on Facebook.

He was told by a teacher that he wasn't allowed to take video of the children and she may have reported Sposato to the police department and the school district.

Because of the alerts issued by the police department, Sposato was forced to head down to police headquarters this morning to explain to them that he's not a creep and was just happy to see the kids out playing. Solvay Police have issued a statement saying that no crime has been committed.

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