No Charges against Driver that Killed 3 Y/O in Eastwood Crash

Syracuse, N.Y. - Onondaga County District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick announced that no charges will be filed against the 39-year-old Burmese Refugee who killed a three-year-old girl when she crashed her car in an Eastwood Parking lot in January.

Regan Shetsky, and her father Mark, were getting out of their car when Zung Tung, entered the parking lot, struck the Shetsky's car, and then slammed into a third car before finally coming to rest. The investigation revealed that Tung became confused and stomped on the gas thinking it was the brake.

Tung had a valid New York State drivers license dating back to March of 2015 but doesn’t understand English.

The crash happened on Jan. 4th at about 9:10 a.m. at the Eastwood Baptist Church. Mark Shetsky was dropping his daughter off at the church's nursery school. Tung was also dropping off her child.

Fitzpatrick said that his office extensively investigated case law and reached out to experts in an effort to find a charge to bring against Tung, but Tung did not do anything illegal.

Mark, who suffered a broken leg in the ordeal, said that he is planning to go back to work as a Syracuse Firefighter next week.

The DMV has yet to schedule a hearing to decide whether or not to revoke Tung's liscense.

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