Determining the greatest player in Syracuse history is a fun exercise in principle, but the conversation ultimately ends up being more about your definition of great than about individual players.

In my opinion, Carmelo Anthony is the answer because he was by far the best player on the only national championship team in program history. For me the formula is pretty simple: best player + best team = greatest ever.

However, I recognize there are concerns you might have with that selection. Recency bias certainly favors players who are still active and who occupy the more readily accessible parts of the brain. And I would absolutely entertain arguments about longevity, considering Melo only spent one year in Central New York as opposed to the four years contributed by most of the other all-time greats. 

But at the end of the day, Anthony is the first player that jumps to mind when I think of Syracuse hoops and until someone else throws up 22 points and 10 boards a game while leading the Orange to a title, I'll have a tough time calling anyone else the, "Ultimate Orangeman".