I am not a Cuse apologist. I love Cuse basketball, tolerate Cuse football, and couldn't care less about Cuse lacrosse. And even within my love of Syracuse hoops, I frequently and passionately disagree with the decisions made by Saint Boeheim.

But citing SU basketball fans as the 6th most delusional fan base in college sports takes things too far. Especially when the only evidence supplied is that: 1) we're not as good as Duke and 2) we consider the loss of our defensive anchor a legitimate excuse for underachieving in the NCAA Tournament.

Granted, fans of the Orange are generally quick to dismiss the totality of perceived tournament failings as a reason to criticize Boeheim, but the losses of Melo and Onuaku are far from the most notorious excuses; in fact they're the most legitimate ones. Two of the best Cuse teams of all time had their seasons derailed right before the NCAA Tournament by the loss of an influential center who tied everything together defensively. That's not a figment of my orange-clouded imagination, it's a fact.

And as for the Duke (or Kentucky or North Carolina) comparisons, believing that Syracuse is a top 10 program is much different than claiming we're number one. I've conceded before that SU is just outside the truly elite tier of college basketball programs. But after the Big 5 of Kentucky, Duke, North Carolina, UCLA, and Kansas, there's a real case to be made for Syracuse at the top of the next group of teams along with Indiana, Michigan State, Louisville, and UCONN. Even if you put Syracuse at the bottom of that group, SU is number 10.

I hate to break it to poor, uninformed Daniel D Zillmer but considering (at worst) the 10th best program a "top 10" program is a pretty spot on assessment. And anyone who says otherwise can best be described as...DELUSIONAL.