First let me say I'm finally over the loss by my beloved Marquette Golden Eagles last weekend by the SU Orange. So, let's move on!

If you're not in Atlanta this weekend for the Final Four, there are lots of ways to celebrate a potential national championship the Orange basketball team could bring back Monday night:

--Take a ride downtown this weekend. A lot of downtown areas will be lit by orange lighting through Monday night. Columbus Circle, the Courthouse, the War Memorial, the Everson, and the former Carnegie Library will shine orange. In NYC, the Empire State Building will set its' tower lights in each of the 4 teams colors Saturday. SU's side is the North Side of the building.

--Local grocery stores and bakeries will remind you of orange in many of their delights! The Speach Candy Shoppe was making potato chips drizzled with orange and blue candy. Tasty! You might notice employees at local Wegman's dressed in orange colors. Plus they're making orange cupcakes. The hot item this week at the Chocolate Pizza Company in Marcellus is a chocolate pizza, topped with candy basketballs with blue sprinkles. Sign me up!

--And you can kill two birds with one stone tomorrow. Do some shopping and watch the games on a big screen at Destiny USA. A big screen will be set up in the "Canyon" area, and many of the restaurants will have the game on on their sets. It all starts there at about 5:30pm.

Go Orange! Bring it home!

Great Weekend!