A lot of people are pumped up about the new Twitter trend. You can change your name to a scary version for Halloween. Wow! You don't have to change your actual name, only your "display" name. Just add a "boo" or a "cat" and you're ready to tweet!

1. From the Twitter home page, select "Settings"

2. Scroll down and press "deactivate my account"

3. Press "deactivate" (Duh!) Hey you have to spell stuff out for people now.

4. Enter your password

5. Now you're ready to roll.

Twitter doesn't require its users to use their real names, so you can be anybody you want to be. What a country!

Here are some sample entries:

Doree Scarier, Ryan Scary, Killvia Killingsworth, Bloody Finger, Spector Hell, and Axe Bleed.

Just change it by Friday please?