If you've ever had the desire to take a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride in NYC through Central Park, you best hurry. Those days are over.

Bill de Blasio, the newly crowned mayor of NYC says one of the first acts in office will be to ban the carriages. (A priority? Really?) Mr. Mayor says "They are not appropriate for the year 2014. It's over."

He'll work with the drivers to set up other vehicles to run people through the park. How about a golf cart? Pretty romantic huh? Horse drawn carriages have been part of Central Park for about 150 years. Animal rights advocates are beyond joyful.

Hold on a minute. Don't you need to put a horse to work? It's not good for their health if they're sedentary. Now these horses who up until now got regular exercise will be stuck in some field eating grass until they're fat and dead..then on to the factory to be made into dog food.

My understanding is in many of these major cities where these services are available to tourists the horses are well-fed, very human friendly and are super clean and healthy, and they wear special shoes to protect their hoofs from the wear and tear from the pavement. Split hoofs happen all the time in the wild.

Mayor de Blasio....a man with absolutely no ideas..or sane ones anyway. Can we please start to do our homework when we go to vote and not put some of these numskulls into positions of power?

Good weekend.