Coming up this morning at 8:40 movie reviewer Bill Bregoli will review the new Hobbit movie and the new one from Tom Hanks out this weekend. The week or two before Christmas and New Year's is the biggest box office period of the year.

I talked with Bill recently about film critics put up with a lot: the moviegoing experience that, comes with a long list of irritants.

--Baby bringers: When parents have kids, maybe they have to suck it up for awhile and put moviegoing on hold. Hey, there's always NetFlix.

--Dog bringers: Don't see this too much actually, but I guess it happens.

--Perfume/Cologne: Hey, lighten up on the stuff OK? Plus anybody who smells like cigarettes or alcohol lacks common hygiene basics. Farts? That requires a special talent.

--Litterbugs: Would it kill people to clean up after themselves when the movie is done? It's common courtesy.

--Refuse-to-Movers: People who show how annoyed they are when you ask to find a seat in their aisle. And they always sit on the end. if you don't like moving for others, you should sit in the middle!

--Seat Kickers: Once or twice I can live with. Anything more than that, I'm moving. Wait a minute...maybe you should move and annoy somebody else.

--Texters: Plus how bad is it that we have to be reminded to turn off cellphones too. Shouldn't that be a given?

--Tour Guides:They talk through the entire movie. I don't think anybody asked for subtitles.

Finding a decent seat in a moviehouse and being able to enjoy the film without the annoyances is harder than picking the winning Powerball numbers!

Good weekend!