Yes! It lives to be consumed another day! A New York judge struck down NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg's big soda ban on the day it was supposed to take effect, saying it would be impossible to enforce.

It's very simple IMHO. He didn't have the authority to enact it (although some "Legal Eagles" think he can), and it was totally arbitrary. It cancelled out large drinks over 16 oz., but you can still get unlimited refills. Plus, milk shakes (the bigger the better) , lattes, Long Island Iced Teas, or triple butter on your popcorn at the movies is still OK. Why not make them verboten too? doesn't put the clamps on 7-11's or other convenience stores. So, what's the point?

By the way, the consumption of soda in this country is down to 44 gallons per person per year. 15 years ago, it was 58 gallons.

Maybe NYPD can hand out juice boxes and Goldfish crackers, and Mayor Bloomberg can help people cross the street if they need it.