The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has announced their nominees for the Class of 2014:

--The Paul Butterfield Blues Band

--Chic (Le Freak!)

--Deep Purple

--Peter Gabriel

--Hall and Oates

--LL Cool J (what?)


--Linda Ronstadt

--Cat Stevens


--The Zombies....among a few others.

Linda Ronstadt should have been inducted years ago. She's been eligible for a long time. Does her illness have anything to do with it? Hmmmm......

YES probably doesn't have a shot because Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner hates progressive rock, and what he says goes around there. The there's the argument of whether or not rap artists don't belong in the Hall, so LL Cool J probably doesn't have to show up.

This might be the year for KISS. It all happens next April. HBO as they always do will show highlights.

The best part of the Hall "Tour" is the film they show in the concert hall that thumbnails all the previous inductees. Pretty cool and it runs about 30 minutes.