Hard to believe considering the mimi-slump the SU Orange basketball team was in about 3 weeks ago, but here they go, heading to Atlanta for the NCAA Final Four next weekend.

The Orange will play the Michigan Wolverines, who dismantled the Florida Gators over the weekend. Game time this Saturday night is 8:49pm. Hey that's a little better for a start time.

Here's what the majority of travel experts are saying about the best way to get to Atlanta this weekend on short notice. Probably the 2 best options would be to fly or drive. As of last night, a round trip flight to Atlanta that takes off Friday and comes back Sunday runs around $420. You gotta stay through Monday for the championship game right? The price drops a little (coming home on a weekday brings it down some to $375. Non-stop flights are hard to find.

Syracuse to Atlanta is around 960 miles. Gas prices vary depending on the state your traveling through, so you figure out the cost of gas.

Hello couch! Go SU!